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Current kerosene heater

Kerosene heater is a device that uses kerosene as raw material and uses infrared radiation for heating. It is not afraid of wind blowing and the heat can directly reach the surface and interior of objects for heating.
1. Spray fuel supply, combustion rate reaches 100%, smokeless and odorless.
2. Radiate infrared heat energy forward, keeping the air clean and dust-free.
3. The fuel tank and the fuselage are integrated and can be moved to the desired location at will.
4. Flameout, lack of oxygen, and dumping protection devices, safe and secure during use
5. The heating area is large, smokeless, odorless, safe, clean, energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and the cost of use is half of that of an electric heater.
6. Ignition or flameout within 5 seconds, and reaches the best combustion state within 2-3 minutes. A control system with 15 seconds of front purification and 180 seconds of post-purification.
Scope of application:
Factory workshops, material warehouses, room heating, local heating
Construction sites, roads and bridges, cement maintenance, outdoor heating
Oil drilling, coal mining areas, de-icing and anti-freezing, equipment insulation
Railway airports, yachts and ships, paint drying, construction insulation
Military vehicle equipment, command tent, mobile heating, convenient heating
Greenhouses, venues and clubs, clean thermal energy, rapid heating

Post time: Jan-22-2024