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  • Advantages of kerosene heaters

    Advantages of kerosene heaters

    、 In addition to electric heaters and gas heaters, there is actually an uncommon heater on the market now, which is a kerosene heater. So what are the advantages of a kerosene heater? Let me take you through it below. High burning rate Kerosene heaters are basically supplied with spray fuel. The...
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  • Current kerosene heater

    Current kerosene heater

    Kerosene heater is a device that uses kerosene as raw material and uses infrared radiation for heating. It is not afraid of wind blowing and the heat can directly reach the surface and interior of objects for heating. 1. Spray fuel supply, combustion rate reaches 100%, smokeless and odorless. ...
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  • Outdoor kerosene heating stove

    Outdoor kerosene heating stove

    Taizhou Hongxin Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., located in Zhejiang Province, China, has been committed to the research, development and production of multi-functional outdoor kerosene heating stoves, and is committed to providing safe, convenient and warm solutions for outdoor enthusiasts....
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  • How safe are natural gas heating stoves?

    How safe are natural gas heating stoves?

    1. Flameout protection device: It is a thermocouple made of two metal structures. After the flamer is heated, it will generate a small current. This thermal current will activate the electromagnet in the surrounding air volume regulating valve and push it open. Closed valve. If the flamer goes ou...
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  • Kerosene stove pros and cons.

    Kerosene stove pros and cons.

    We know that when using air conditioners for heating, not only is the heating efficiency low, but in some cold areas the air conditioners cannot be started at minus 10°C. So what is the heating efficiency of a kerosene heater? Why is the heating effect said to be high? Because it uses infrare...
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  • Some FAQ about kerosene heating stoves.

    Some FAQ about kerosene heating stoves.

    Q. Do I need to plug it in or use batteries? A. No need, no need, no need. Just light the oil and use it. Q. What oil can be used? Is it safe? A. Diesel, kerosene, and vegetable ghee can be used. Safety regulations are required for use. Oils cannot be mixed. Unused oil will not affect the next us...
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  • Outdoor Heater Kerosene Heater.

    Outdoor Heater Kerosene Heater.

    Hongxin Electrical Technology Co., Ltd., located in Taizhou City, Zhejiang, leads the outdoor heater kerosene heating stove market. Through innovative design and multi-functional performance, it has created an efficient product that integrates heating and heating. This article will focu...
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  • Portable kerosene heater.

    Portable kerosene heater.

    A portable kerosene heating stove is a household appliance, which includes a stove frame assembly, a gas hood assembly, an oil pot assembly, a chassis and a wick adjustment device. The wick adjustment device includes a rotating shaft and a gear fastened to the rotating shaft. Rotating shaf...
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  • Kerosene Heater Safety

    Kerosene Heater Safety

    Heating Bills have continued to be a source of frustration and sometimes, hardship for many Ohioans. In an effort to resolve that problem, more consumers are turning to alternative heating methods such as wood burning stoves, electric space heaters, and kerosene heaters....
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  • Safety tips for indoor kerosene heaters

    Safety tips for indoor kerosene heaters

    As the temperatures drop, you may be looking for cheap ways to heat specific rooms or spaces in your house. Options such as space heaters or wood stoves can seem like an easy, low-cost alternative, but they can pose safety risks that electric systems or gas and oil heate...
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