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Advantages of kerosene heaters

In addition to electric heaters and gas heaters, there is actually an uncommon heater on the market now, which is a kerosene heater. So what are the advantages of a kerosene heater? Let me take you through it below.
High burning rate
Kerosene heaters are basically supplied with spray fuel. The combustion rate of this fuel can reach 100%, and its combustion heating process is smokeless and odorless.
Easy to move
The fuel tank and body of the kerosene heater are integrated and can be easily moved to where you want to move it.
Good safety performance
Kerosene heaters basically adopt three safety devices: hypoxia protection, flameout protection, and dumping protection, so everyone can use them safely and securely.
Large heating area
The heating area of ​​kerosene heaters can easily reach 60 square meters, and the cost of use is only half of that of ordinary electric heaters.
Energy saving and environmental protection
Kerosene heaters use spray fuel, which is safe, smokeless, and odorless, so everyone can use it safely and comfortably.
High efficiency
The kerosene heater can ignite or shut down within 5 seconds, and reach the optimal combustion state within 2 minutes. A control system with 15 seconds of front purification and 180 seconds of post-purification.

Post time: Jan-22-2024