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Portable kerosene heater.

A portable kerosene heating stove is a household appliance, which includes a stove frame assembly, a gas hood assembly, an oil pot assembly, a chassis and a wick adjustment device. The wick adjustment device includes a rotating shaft and a gear fastened to the rotating shaft. Rotating shaft sleeve, knob, rack, lamp holder, wick and wick sleeve. The wick sleeve is composed of a coaxial cylindrical wick sleeve with different diameters, a middle sleeve of the wick, an inner sleeve of the wick and a cylindrical rivet. There are two strips evenly distributed on the peripheral wall of the wick sleeve. For the above oblique driving channels, the peripheral wall of the lamp core sleeve is also evenly distributed with an equal number of oblique (or vertical) guide channels equal to the number of the oblique driving channels. The utility model has good sealing performance and the movement of the lamp wick is balanced. It is An ideal kerosene heating stove for homes and hotels.

Post time: Dec-05-2023