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Kerosene stove pros and cons.

We know that when using air conditioners for heating, not only is the heating efficiency low, but in some cold areas the air conditioners cannot be started at minus 10°C. So what is the heating efficiency of a kerosene heater? Why is the heating effect said to be high? Because it uses infrared radiation heating + combustion hot air flow transmission method for double heating, it is fast and lasts a long time. It not only heats the air, but also heats the walls. In addition, no matter how cold the area is, the kerosene heater can heat quickly as long as it is ignited, and it will not dry out.
Kerosene heaters have many safety devices, such as vibration flameout devices, automatic flameout devices when refueling, and carbon monoxide detection devices. Do you still worry about safety with these protective devices?
First of all, carbon monoxide is produced because of incomplete combustion during combustion. So under what circumstances will incomplete combustion occur? Of course, when the fuel is exhausted, the flame in the combustion tube is too low.
At this time, there will be smoke and odor, and carbon monoxide will be produced, so our products have oil level indicators and low oil automatic extinguishing devices to avoid the generation of carbon monoxide due to incomplete combustion caused by exhaustion of oil. In addition, higher-end products The product has a carbon monoxide detection device. When the carbon monoxide is too high, it will automatically go out. If you don’t have this device, you can buy an external carbon monoxide detection device yourself and the same thing!

Post time: Jan-08-2024