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Some FAQ about kerosene heating stoves.

Q. Do I need to plug it in or use batteries?
A. No need, no need, no need. Just light the oil and use it.
Q. What oil can be used? Is it safe? A. Diesel, kerosene, and vegetable ghee can be used. Safety regulations are required for use. Oils cannot be mixed. Unused oil will not affect the next use. It is forbidden to use alcohol or gasoline. When using it, it will
There is a safety hazard.
Q. Is there smoke and smell when burning? Is it toxic? A. When the oil is ignited, there will be some smoke and smell. When the blue flame comes up, it will be smokeless and basically odorless. If there is smoke when extinguishing the fire, wait for 2o seconds. Can. Diesel will have a bit of a smell when used in indoor environments, but it is non-toxic and can be used with confidence.
Q. How much oil should be added at one time? How long can one wick be used? A. For stoves, it is recommended to fill the oil tank 80% full, and then add oil after burning for 4 hours. Normally one serving of wick can be used for 8 months. The specific situation depends on individual operations.

Post time: Jan-02-2024