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How safe are natural gas heating stoves?

1. Flameout protection device: It is a thermocouple made of two metal structures. After the flamer is heated, it will generate a small current. This thermal current will activate the electromagnet in the surrounding air volume regulating valve and push it open. Closed valve. If the flamer goes out, or the flame is blown away from the thermocouple by the wind, or the fire intensity of the flame will weaken and cannot reach the generated thermal current heat, then the thermocouple will cool down in an instant, the thermoelectricity disappears, and the electromagnet will also lose Magnetic, the valve is pushed to the closed state by the spring, cutting off the prayer.

2. Oxygen deficiency protection device: Gas heaters will produce CO2 and H2O when burning. These gases are harmless to the human body, but if this type of gas heater is used in an unventilated or narrow space, , the oxygen in this space will slowly decrease, and carbon dioxide will also increase. At the same time, if there is insufficient oxygen when the heater is burning, incomplete combustion will occur. At this time, carbon monoxide will be produced, and this gas will threaten User’s life safety. The oxygen deficiency protection device on the gas heater is set when the oxygen content in the indoor air reaches 19.5-19.7% and the carbon dioxide concentration rises to 0.8-1.3%. Automatically close and cut off the air source.
3. Anti-tipping device: This device usually uses a mercury balancer or a mechanical balancer to form a closed circuit. Mercury has the characteristics of conductivity and instantly condenses into small balls. When the heater receives an impact or is tilted, At this time, the mercury will instantly condense into small balls and deviate from the original position, causing the closed circuit to break. After the electromagnetic switch of the valve of the air source loses current, it will push the spring to close the air source and cut off the air source.

What oil can be used instead of kerosene heating stove? How safe are natural gas heating furnaces? After the introduction, you should already have some understanding. As long as the natural gas heating furnace is a regular product purchased, it is still very safe, but it should be used correctly, and it should be done correctly. Carry out relevant inspections to prevent unexpected situations.

Post time: Jan-08-2024