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Silent and Efficient Kerosene Heater – Experience the Perfect Blend of Warmth and Serenity

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Introducing our Silent and Efficient Kerosene Heater, specifically designed for customers in the Middle East, Africa, South Korea, and Russia. This versatile heating device serves multiple purposes like heating, boiling water, cooking, and even BBQ. With its unique features of noise-free operation and gentle lighting, our Kerosene Heater guarantees a peaceful and cozy atmosphere for uninterrupted sleep and ultimate comfort throughout the night.

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Heating Output 9000 - 10000 BTU/hr
Heating Duration 16 - 17 hrs
Fuel Consumption 0.24 - 0.3 L/hr
Tank Capacity 5.3 L
Tank System Triple
Chimney Glass
Ignition Match
Safety Device YES
Size 32.5 * 32.5 * 47cm
N.W. / G.W. 5.2 / 6.0 kgs
Loading Capacity 587pcs / 20GP
1344pcs / 40HQ

Product Application

Reliable Heating: Our Silent and Efficient Kerosene Heater offers superior heating performance, ensuring warmth during cold seasons. It is perfect for various settings such as homes, offices, and outdoor spaces, providing optimal heating solutions effortlessly.

Boiling Water: Experience quick and convenient hot water with our Kerosene Heater. It efficiently heats water, allowing for fast boiling, making it ideal for hot beverages or cooking meals that require boiling water.

Cooking: Enjoy the convenience of cooking with our Kerosene Heater. From simple dishes like rice and soup to elaborate meals, this versatile device eliminates the need for separate cooking appliances, providing a comprehensive solution for all your cooking needs.

BBQ: Elevate your outdoor cooking experience with the integrated BBQ feature of our Kerosene Heater. Enjoy the warmth while grilling delicious food, creating unforgettable moments with friends and family.

Product Advantages

Noise-Free Operation: Our Silent and Efficient Kerosene Heater operates silently, ensuring a peaceful ambiance without any disturbing noise. Experience a serene environment that promotes uninterrupted sleep and relaxation.

Soft Light: The gentle lighting of our Kerosene Heater adds to its charm, creating a cozy atmosphere. The soft light is perfect for creating a tranquil environment while ensuring undisturbed sleep during the night.

Optimal Warmth: Our Kerosene Heater provides a comfortable and consistent heat. Experience the warmth embracing every corner of your space, driving away the chill and ensuring a cozy ambiance for a peaceful and restful sleep.

Energy Efficiency: Designed with efficiency in mind, our Kerosene Heater optimizes fuel consumption, resulting in energy savings. Experience reliable and cost-effective heating while contributing to a greener environment.

Product Features

User-Friendly Controls: Our Silent and Efficient Kerosene Heater features intuitive controls for easy operation, ensuring hassle-free usage without any complexity. Adjust the settings effortlessly to achieve the desired level of warmth and comfort.

Safe and Reliable: Our Kerosene Heater prioritizes safety. It includes built-in safety mechanisms such as automatic shut-off features and flame control, ensuring complete peace of mind during operation.

Portable and Compact Design: The portable and compact design of our Kerosene Heater enables easy transportation and storage. Enjoy the flexibility of using it indoors or taking it outdoors for various occasions while maintaining its excellent performance.

Easy Maintenance: Our Kerosene Heater is designed for convenient maintenance. The removable parts and simple cleaning procedures ensure hassle-free upkeep, providing long-lasting performance.

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KSP-231M  Black

About This Item

Experience the perfect blend of warmth and serenity with our Silent and Efficient Kerosene Heater. Created for customers in the Middle East, Africa, South Korea, and Russia, this versatile device offers heating, boiling water, cooking, and BBQ functionalities. Enjoy its noise-free operation, gentle lighting, and energy efficiency, creating a cozy environment for uninterrupted sleep and comfort. Invest in our product and relish peaceful nights and tranquility accompanied by gentle warmth throughout every season.

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